RMs order request

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RMs order request

Hi, are you still selling RMs at this time ?
If you do i would be interested in buying some RMs .
Quantum = 250
Meleenium = 2500
Rudic = 150
Duracrete = 850
Lommite = 750
Total = 4500 units ( according to your prices on the site it should be about 3,510,000 credits for those RMs. )

If you are selling Varium i would take 1000 units . If not then i just go to the market :)
I can pick up RMs myself. But it would be nice to pick them up from one location.
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Re: RMs order request

Hi Zed,

we are still selling materials at this time.

Since our forums aren't very much used right now, please contact Kerri Manchester directly via Darkness Message to get a quicker reply.

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