Ottega Defense Objectives

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Ottega Defense Objectives

Greeting s my family and friend.

I was recently appointed Chief Defense Officer by Supervisor/Overlord Kerri to help defend and secure CPM holdings and Equipment in Ottega system.

I have some goals I would like to accomplish.

First I would like to recruit more security Personnel, for are faction.

1. I will be looking for individuals with high skills at installing Doors, from regular to Blast Doors and Locks.
Also they will have to study and learn more on A/E and combat rules. An always be aware of there surrounders and secure CPM items or equipment they see may be taken or abused by those wishing CPM or are people harm.

2. My next goal after securing ships and facilities need with the above Doors and locks is to get Defense stationsat are Jump points in Ottega. Golan I s would be nice, but expensive. And then put 2 squads good fighters we have in are Fleet to meet enemies or a invasion if needed. Always prepare for War, even in peace time.

3. Also I would like to request permission and a recommendation for us to Purchase Satellite s for Ottega system and deploy them. I am looking in to a purchase already and hope to have some out of my own pocket to help defend my new family and comrades here at CPM

4. Even though we are a neutral and trader type faction, which survives on are Service s to the Galaxy, we still need some derilict ships and even rouge criminal organization we know can do harm out of are system. I have already talked to Kerri on this. I understand my Leader and friends response he gave me. An except that most ships and equipment here from other factions or groups are doing business. But there is always those of suspect and looking to do harm.

5. Also recently we have purchased Heavy Weapons Specialist I need a security person to train up, and put on patrol.
As well as 50 Planetary Crewmembers for are Orbital Weapons on the surface of are planets. I have them currently on the surface awaiting training and put at there stations once trained for a while.

6. Okay I would like to see a Shield projector on are other planets in system as well, not just Torgazi. Will help in Defense of stations in orbit or near enough to cover a Cap ship with the Shield.

Also those wishing to get Doors and locks onboard after faction ships are done. Can contact me if you would like a few installed and secure your ships.

These are just a few goals I have in mind.

I need your input as well if you see or know of things that well better are safety and your family here at CPM.

Please contact me I am a great listener.

Thank you

Assurian Fury
Centrepoint Mining
Chief Defense Officer
Ottega system
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Re: Ottega Defense Objectives

Update on Goals, I have purchased 9 SYSAT 24 s for Deployment in Nenea system for Defense and so we can see are enemy coming in the future at a distance and stuff them in there tracks on time.

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